SP-712ML-US - SP742 Impact Printer


SP742 Impact Printer

BUILT FOR TODAY’S RESTAURANTS The SP742 BTi includes the ability to print receipts or data from a web browser-based application running on a mobile device wirelessly by configuring Star's WebPRNT Browser. Once configured, the user simply pairs their mobile device to the SP742 BTi, opens the application on WebPRNT Browser, and prints from the application. The SP742 also supports Star's CloudPRNT communication protocol that sends print jobs directly to the printer through the cloud. Star's SP742 CloudPRNT is specifically designed for accepting and printing online food orders in the kitchen where heat and humidity can erode the type on the printed order. This fast, two-color printer offers crisp, easy-to-read type for quick viewing, and will automatically print orders as they are placed through an online ordering application. SP-700 - Impact,Cutter, Ethernat (LAN), Ext PS Included