Don’t be boxed in with structured POS offerings. Rhombus POS is an affordable and flexible cloud-based solution for your business. It is "out-of-scope," meaning sensitive information does not touch your software or devices. This helps protect your customers from fraud.


Keep track of daily, weekly, monthly and annual performances for sales, inventory and employees. Download information for accounting and tax purposes.


Set up multiple stores with common or different inventory having access to each store's reporting and employee tracking.


Set up folders and sub-folders of items in their own categories and sub-categories for easy and efficient access. Items can be available in any category they are assign to.


Possible integration with your current hardware is available as well as flexible use of different, inexpensive hardware for your specific business needs.


Inventory items can be set up with many varying information, including easy Bar Code UPC scanning. Flexible item creation allows for item options, discounts, placement of item in any or all categories, taxes and SKUs.


Available for iOS Apple and Android devices including iPads, Tablets, phones and PC


Rhombus POS has the advanced features making it possible to run and maintain your business in an efficient and profitable manner. With advanced real-time inventory, reporting, time-slip/employee management and multi-store abilities you can keep track of your business performance and plan for future profits.


You have the ability to create inventory and items simultaneous, while placing them in the "Bin System Inventory" with cross compatibility. This means you create Categories of items with the ability to create Sub-categories and place the individual item in any category or sub-category. All this can be done while maintaining real-time inventory for one, or all of your store locations.

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RhombusPOS Premium allows multiple store locations with individual store inventory allowing integration for reporting. Each store can also be set up with unlimited employees/users that is integrated with Time-keep abilities for payroll and employee time tracking.

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Choose Our Pricing Plans

RhombusPOS provides a comprehensive Point of Sale solution for free with extensive features, and at the same time the ability to upgrade to affordable features that allow expansion and greater management of your business.

Plan 1
  • Main location is FREE!

  • Unlimited Users, Stations, Items and Categories

  • Pin-based User Security

  • Customer Database & Order Assignment

  • In-App & Online Dashboard

  • Customer/Station/Table Order Assignment

  • Open Orders for further additions

  • Signature and tip scale on Screen

  • Barcode Scanning

  • Split Payments

  • Second Printer (kitchen)

  • Cash Drawer Management

  • Customized Receipts

  • Print, Email & Text Receipts

  • Discounts

  • Customizable Taxes

  • Contactless Payments

  • Basic Reports (Including X and Z Reports)

  • Non-Proprietary Hardware Support

Plan 2
All Basic Features, PLUS:
  • Additional Locations - $60.00 per month for each additional location (including retail or mall kiosks).

    All features of the Plan 1 basic POS system are included for all locations.

  • Enhanced Reporting System

    $15 per month (unlimited locations)

  • Order Service Charges

    $5 per month (unlimited locations)

  • Inventory Management System

    Coming soon

  • Time Clock and Employee Management

    Coming soon

  • Kitchen Screen Feature (unlimited)

    $20 per month per location

  • POS Scale Integration

    $20 per month per location


We are pleased to offer current & planned support for a wide variety of devices

Star Micronics mPOP Integrated Receipt Printer & Cash Drawer
Star Micronics TSP143IIILAN Ethernet (LAN) Thermal Receipt Printer
Epson C31CD52A9912
MUNBYN Kitchen Printer
Mmf Cash Drawer
80mm Printer 3'1/8 Thermal Receipt Printer
Tera Barcode Scanner

Frequently Asked Questions


What format is the software?

RhombusPOS is available in iOS and Android. It will work on iPads, tablets and phones with both iOS and Android operating systems. There are in-app and computer dashboards that allow for reporting information and editing information can be done on the computer and in the app.


What happens if the internet goes down?

RhombusPOS allows you to continue operating your business and whenever the internet becomes available any transactions will be batched to the provider. There will be a few non-critical functions that rely on the internet that will not work, but they will not interfere with operating your business.


How many devices can I use the software on?

RhombusPOS provides for unlimited users, which allows each user to use a device the application has been downloaded to. Each user's actions are saved to a common data base as long as they are logged in on the same account.


Is RhombusPOS secure?

RhombusPOS is "out-of-scope," which means the software and your devices do not touch your customers' credit/debit card information. PCI compliance and your protection is provided by the Point of Sale provider.


Does RhombusPOS support multiple stores?

There is multiple store support that allows separate or combined inventory, reporting and time-keeping employee management. These options are crucial for business management and makes business easier. With daily, weekly, monthly and annual reporting in extended reports allows for business and employee performance to be tracked.


What type of business does RhombusPOS support?

RhombusPOS is flexible enough to support small to medium retail and restaurant businesses. The application can also be setup to support other types of businesses and further updates will provide options that will expand its uses.

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